1. Wash & Wax
    Wash & Wax
  2. Opulent Interior Pkg.
    Opulent Interior Pkg.
  3. Opulent Exterior Pkg.
    Opulent Exterior Pkg.
  4. Opulent Gold Pkg.
    Opulent Gold Pkg.
  5. Opulent Platinum Pkg.
    Opulent Platinum Pkg.
  6. Opulent Diamond Pkg.
    Opulent Diamond Pkg.
Wash and wax exterior
Clean wheels and tires
Apply tire dressing
Clean door jambs
Vacuum interior
Wipe down interior
Clean windows

Wash, clay and wax exterior
Clean fender wells
Clean wheels and tires
Apply tire dressing
Clean door jambs and trunk jambs
Vacuum interior
Wipe down interior
Clean glass

Full interior clean
Vacuum and steam clean interior including carpet, seats and headliner
Clean dash, gauges and vents
Clean glass inside and out
Clean door jambs

Interior plus exterior packages combined
​​Gold package plus engine and trunk cleaning
​​All packages combined plus All In One paint correction

Add-On Services​

2-Step Paint Correction
$300 and up

1-Step Paint Correction
$200 and up

Headlight Restoration

A 2-step process that removes light to moderate swirls and scratches from vehicles paint then polished to a mirror like finish.​ 
​​A 1-step process that removes light surface scratches and swirl marks while it polishes and protects your vehicles paint.​​
Strip away faded, cloudy and yellowed headlights and polished to a like-new clarity.

Seat Cleaning

Engine Cleaning

Emblem Removal (Debadging)

Full degrease and cleaning of engine bay area. Apply dressing on all plastic and rubber parts.
Remove emblems from vehicle
Thorough cleaning of leather, vinyl and cloth seats. Remove stains and add protection.

Pricing is determined by size of vehicle
Cars/Small SUVs and Trucks/Large SUVs, Vans and Trucks

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